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ID Learning Solutions was founded in 2015 by Sharifa Simmons while earning her doctorate degree in educational technology. Her interest in distance learning best practices, innovation and creative instructional strategies that incorporate educational technology encouraged her to actively participate in the educational paradigm shift. The services offered foster creativity, lifelong learning and promote educational integrity globally using multidimensional approaches and multicultural perspectives.


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Sharifa Simmons, Ph.D. Candidate

Sharifa Simmons is a educational technology professional with over 12 years experience in instructional design, curriculum development, LMS administration, budgeting and change management. Her experience has allowed her to work closely with subject matter experts, faculty partners and senior management to design, develop, coordinate and track the progress of curriculum development and course design. She was the project manager for content production of e-Learning and classroom style training for China, India, USA, England and Canada. She has served as the lead designer and developer of corporate training templates and branding specifications used both nationally and internationally.


Dr. Karimah AdisaThomas

Dr. Karimah AdisaThomas is well known for being a knowledgeable, compassionate, caring educator and mental health professional.  She has extensive experience in teacher training (Positive Behavioral Instructional Strategies, and Restorative Practices), multiculturalism and diversity, and teaching and counseling.  Dr. AdisaThomas has presented nationally and internationally at educational and multicultural conferences; she has also conducted on-going workshops on team building and diversity at a variety of school districts.  Her background in mental health as an Associated Professional Clinical Counselor provides opportunities for her to bridge gaps often seen in education and society that has helped students; families and older adults develop coping mechanism that leads to wellness.

Mariama Nance

She has over fifteen years of experience working with digital media. Her projects include documentary films, film festivals and producing media for organizations. She specializes in documentary-style profiles. Nance earned her BFA from New York University in Dramatic Writing (Screenwriting), and her Masters in Journalism (MJ, Documentary Film) from UC Berkeley.

Enomwoyi Kunde, MSN, RN

Nurse Informaticist with over 15 years of experience as an emergency room (ER) nurse, intensive care unit (ICU) nurse and procedural sedation nurse. Trained in advanced practice nursing to perform perma-catheter explanations, and gastrostomy tube checks and replacements. Most recent project include participating in a quality improvement project to identify risk predictors for readmission of patients undergoing Total Hip/Total Knee (THKA) Arthroplasty. Her skills include electronic health record (EHR), procedural sedation expert, central Vascular Access Device (CVAD) Care and Management for the adult adult population and expert in IBP setup and monitoring.



Bilingual Solutions

Provides flexible, high quality business and educational solutions, serving clients across the globe. Social constructivism emphasizes the importance of culture and context in understanding what occurs in society and constructing knowledge based on this understanding. The integration of a Learning Management System enables social networking tools (e.g. blogs, wikis, online chat, RSS, audio/video podcasting) to develop great interactive learning materials in a blended learning format.


Internal Intelligence Group

The company focus is to work with clients to create extraordinary teams by means of professional development. Training involves an aptitude that is insight-based, and focuses on understanding others and ourselves in order to have productive interactions. Our approach ensures delivery of services to our respective communities in a professional and ethical manner.